I have many clever topical and classic designs for bumper stickers, buttons, T-shirts, and other items available through Cafe Press. A few are shown here. Here are also links to my Cafe Press stores. ANY OF MY DESIGNS in these stores CAN BE ADAPTED TO FIT ANY ITEM Cafe Press offers, including tote bags, coffee cups, gimme hats, and more! New designs pop up often, so bookmark my stores!

     If the quantity offered for a particular item is more or less than you want, I can easily adust the quantity. Many items have lower pricing if you order 10 or 100 at once! Just send an e-mail to the link below and let me know how many of an item you want!

     California NORML has a special version of my YES WE CANNABIS button -- small, discreet, and featuring the CA NORML website; I've included a link to my friends there as well if you want some of these buttons!

     Finally, if you're interested in a large quantity of any of these designs, please contact me by e-mail and let me know your requirements! I can probably beat the Cafe Press price to provide a wholesale discount!
'faux-Latin': "IN CANNABIS UNITY"         


"Teabaggers" to "Commies" agree:
FREEDOM is never effortless..
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